Aerial Operation Procedures


    Attwood Media are qualified and experienced UAV (Drone) pilots and hold full PFCO (“Permission for Commercial Operation”) from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) NQE SUA 1002. enabling us to fly up to 400ft (122m) high with our permissions

    Attwood Media holds CAA Permission to fly and are qualified experienced UAV drone pilots which is a legal requirement to operate in UK airspace. Ultimately ensuring that we operate legally, have the skills and safety is our priority. We take our safety to the highest standards and this is why we are proud to have received the highest quality remote pilot qualification (RPQ).  from the award winning unmanned aviation trainers Resource Group.

    Operations are planned with the highest safety and efficiency. Pre and on-site surveys are carried out in conjunction with a full risk analysis to identify and mitigate any potential hazards.

    All UAV (drone) pilots in the UK are required by the CAA to keep records of their flight plans and must reference air charts, ordnance survey maps, predicted and prevailing weather conditions to plan each operation.


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