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    UAV drone photography filming services

    Attwood Media provides a one stop production for UAV drone photography filming services and ground based filming and photography services. Once storyboards are finalised with the client and all content has been shot, Attwood Media will fully edit and produce finished films. Check out the Attwood Media YouTube channel to view a selection of some of our recent productions.

    Motion Graphics and Animation

    Motion Graphics and Animation are at the heart of every production. Thoughtfully developed content is delivered through highly engaging imagery that always delivers results. With a creative team of motion graphic director, producer and animator using the latest technologies, we create visual communications that captivate and inspire audiences all over the world.

    With each job being unique and with many variable factors to take into account, Attwood Media will quote you on a job basis, ensuring we help you meet your projects needs with the budget you are working to.

    In today’s Film & Video Production communications landscape, you have very few opportunities to truly grab attention and engage audiences. However, utilising the right film solution, you can motivate and empower your targeted audience to believe in your message and the information you need to share.

    Professional Photography

    Our photography is focused on providing you with the full Attwood Media Excellence. Our photography team will start by helping create a custom package that fits your individual needs and desires. When we shoot your event, whether it be estate agents, events & exhibitions, surveying-inspections or 3D mapping – we will capture each moment with our artistic vision. Finally, we will deliver you an artistic product worthy of the Attwood Media brand.

    Our drones can provide cost effective solutions for:

    • Land Surveying & Inspections
    • Roof Survey/Inspections
    • Shoreline aerial surveys
    • Flood defence surveys
    • Solar Panel Inspection
    • Wind Farm Installation Blade Surveys
    • Geospatial mapping of land and forestry

    3D mapping

    Creating high resolution 3D mapping with a higher level of detail than Google we fly a UAV (drone) on a pre-programmed course to produce an interactive 3D contextual model of the proposed site.

    Land Surveying & Inspections:

    Instead of having the inconvenience and cost of erecting scaffolding or hiring a cherry picker, a UAV (drone) can make a permanent record of your structures’ worthiness within minutes.

    All of our inspections are photographed & filmed in Ultra 4K. We can work alongside a surveying team so that they can direct the UAV pilot to take specific photographs of areas of concern for a closer and more detailed inspection.



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